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1. Grow market share
2. Reposition Flight Centre consultants as travel experts
3. Drive foot traffic to Hyperstore opening


- Sales increased by 25%
- Transactions grew by 40%
- 70% of respondents recalled the ad and brand consideration increased by 35%
- Brand preference increased by 90% and 85% of people who saw the campaign took action


76% of Queenslanders live outside of Brisbane
1.4 million people in the Australian Regional Media audience are intending to travel in the next 12 months
72% are planning to fly for their next holiday
13% more likely to book a packaged tour than the metro average


The  'Make a Break' campaign ran for 4 weeks across all platforms and attracted readers towards a number of targeted destinations based on Flight Centre’s customer segments. Local content in print showcased a range of holiday destinations and incorporated local tips from our Facebook audience.  Store managers were positioned as travel experts and brought a local face to the Flight Centre brand. The campaign extended into the online environment where we matched travel deals to relevant destination content and we engaged our active mobile audience and continued the conversation on social media.



Alongside the campaign, Australian Regional Media developed an Australian media first.  Brand Extra is a personalised, data led custom newspaper which combines the power of the local masthead with local editorial and local faces.  Each copy can be made unique, tailored and personalised to the customer including personalised advertising.

1. Brand Extra utilises our existing customer data and calls for registrations online and in print
2. We pre-promote the publication to recipients via email
3. Personalised copies of Brand Extra are home delivered
4. Recipients are encouraged via email to enter the competition by using their unique code and to go in store to redeem their offer