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‘Newspaper Locator’ showcases power of regional news media

The power of regional news media has once again been highlighted in a new planning tool released this month by The Newspaper Works. Australian Regional Media (ARM) has endorsed the new online tool, ‘Newspaper Locator’, as an effective online tool to help media agencies better plan newspaper media campaigns.

Providing users with searchable information for each masthead, including: name, location, distribution postcode, publisher network, frequency, paid or free, advertising contact details, readership and circulation data, the Newspaper Locator hosted on, presents 500 newspapers across Australia, grouped into established television broadcast areas to assist multi-platform campaign planning.

The Newspaper Locator features:

• 70 newspapers within the ARM network

• Titles grouped into established TV broadcast areas - which agencies use as the basis for campaign planning outside the cities

• Easy to find readership and circulation data for each title, as well as advertising contact details

• Find titles by a simple mapping tool or the search bar

• Information for each masthead includes name, location, publisher network, type (National, Metro, Regional, Community), frequency, paid or free, and more

• Discover distribution postcodes for all titles – which is a fantastic facility for local area marketing both in the cities and regions

Users can simply and quickly shortlist relevant publications by filtering options, then download their results into an excel spreadsheet to add directly to their media plan.

See a video of how The Newspaper Locator works.

The Newspaper Locator is hosted on The Newspaper Works website at