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2012 Local Newspapers Report

The Newspaper Works recently conducted a study on how Australians engage with regional newspapers. The research found that Australians have a clear understanding of the unique roles that the three tiers of newspaper publishing (national/metro, regional and community) play in their lives and how they meet different needs.

The research revealed that Australians see regional newspapers as driving the regional agenda and protecting readers’ interests.

Readers also consider that regional newspapers follow important stories that would not receive coverage elsewhere, and are seen as more reliable, honest and unbiased than any other local media. The research demonstrated that regional newspapers are perceived to take a stand and protect the interests of readers on community issues.

Key findings:

Readers engage more deeply with regional newspapers compared with TV and radio:

  • Twice as likely to have enquired about a product or service because of a newspaper ad than one played on local radio.
  • Nearly twice as likely to have visited a store or business because of a newspaper ad vs local TV.

Regional newspapers provide superior coverage of important local news, issues and practical local information:

  • Twice as likely to stand up for important issues in their local area than local TV (71% compared with 36% for local TV).

Readers are more likely to act on, keep or share content in regional newspapers compared to TV, radio or letterbox catalogues/flyers:

  • Three times more likely to keep details of a newspaper ad than they are from letterbox flyers and catalogues (46% compared with 14% for letterbox flyers/catalogues).
  • Nearly three times as likely to share something with family and friends than if they heard it on local radio or seen on local TV (48% compared with 14% for local radio and15% for local TV).

The majority of readers are more positive towards regional newspaper advertisers and responsive to advertiser messages:

  • More than twice the feelings of positivity towards advertisers in regional newspapers than is the case with local TV, local radio or letterbox flyers (54% compared with 24% for local TV, 25% for local radio and 18% for catalogues/flyers).

Download the full report (PDF) (4 Mb).

Source: Brand Navigator June 2012; Regional and Community Newspapers, Part of the local DNA