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Create authentic reader connections with APN regional media brands

Recently-conducted independent research highlights that APN continues to deliver its winning formula for over 1.1 million* regional consumers.

Creating Authentic Connections reveals that APN's highly sought-after combination of localised content – delivered in a format viewed as genuine and easy-to-read – creates a strong and authentic level of reader connection that transfers across both editorial and advertising content.

No other media engages with regional consumers in the way that regional newspapers do, to create valuable and authentic reader connections.


Here is some feedback from Creating Authentic Connections respondents, regarding their APN regional newspapers.

  • How would I feel if I couldn't get my APN newspaper? It'd be a major concern – on a scale of 1 to 10, that'd be a 9-level dilemma for me. – Don, Sunshine Coast
  • It's something that you relate to, and something that is a part of you, really. – Wayne, Rockhampton
  • On Saturdays, I don't go out ‘til I've read the QT. – Debbie, Ipswich
  • The [TV] news can't give the full story, whereas The Chronicle can. – Barbara, Toowoomba
  • The Morning Bulletin is the leader in this area - there's no other, really. It is THE Rockhampton paper. – Judy, Rockhampton
  • If you're living in Ipswich and you're interested in Ipswich, there's not really a lot of relevance with The Courier-Mail. – Paul, Ipswich


To find out more about Creating Authentic Connections, and how you too can be part of the APN regional media success story, please contact your APN Australian Publishing National Sales Account Manager, or nearest National Sales office.

*Morgan June 2009 National Database; Net surveyed titles

Creating Authentic Connections