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Target Australia's Missing Millions

APN Australian Publishing has just released its latest study on regional boomtowns – "Missing Millions". Find out how and why you can't afford to exclude these new frontiers from your media schedule; i.e. significant growth in income/wealth, partnered with booming populations in APN Australian Publishing's boomtowns = win-win for brands seeking new and lucrative consumers:

  • Queensland's economy is forecast to grow faster than those of many industrialised national economies e.g. Japan, Germany, UK, USA
  • $53m GRP for APNAP boomtowns – growth rates up to 38% higher than the national average
  • Mean salary in the mining corridor is 31% above the national average
  • The Sunshine Coast has experienced 7% employment growth year-on-year – three times higher than the national average
  • APNAP's diversified portfolio of localised newspaper, magazines and websites provides unparalleled access to Australia's boomtowns.

For more information about the "Missing Millions", please contact your APN Australian Publishing National Sales Account Manager.

Source : Australian Bureau of Statistics 2006-07