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The Readership Works announces Ipsos as the winner of tender for readership measurement

The Readership Works today announced that it has named Ipsos MediaCT as the successful tenderer for the new readership measurement contract, following a five month tender process.

Under terms of the agreement, Ipsos MediaCT will be charged with developing a state-of-the-art readership metric for Australian newspapers and magazines.

A shortlist of three tendering organisations was announced in December last year. Ipsos MediaCT tendered for the readership measurement contract alongside GfK:Mediamark Research & Intelligence and TNS Australia.

The Board of The Readership Works approved the recommendation to appoint Ipsos MediaCT after a detailed report was tabled on September 17.

“The standard of the submissions was outstanding but Ipsos was the unanimous choice. Ipsos has launched 20 readership measurement systems around the world in the last 10 years. They have a thorough understanding of the Australian market and have assembled a strong local and international team,” The Readership Works Chairman Tony Hale said.

“Their innovative solutions developed in overseas markets and applied to Australia have made Ipsos a compelling choice. We will be developing a readership metric in Australia that delivers far greater insights into how readers engage with newspapers and magazines.”

The metric will apply a range of innovative measurement approaches/techniques allowing for more efficient collection of data with the ability to explore measurement of newspapers and magazines across multiple platforms including print, online and mobile content technologies.

The new readership metric will deliver sectional information and will investigate the possibility of more frequent release of data.

Ipsos MediaCT has print readership operations across three continents, in 34 countries, including the UK, France and Australia. Ipsos Australia is the second largest survey research company in Australia.

Ipsos Australia CEO Hugh Amoyal said: “We are thrilled to be given the challenging and exciting task of building an innovative metric that delivers better insights. Given our international expertise and experience, we believe that Ipsos is well placed to develop a strong readership measurement metric in the Australian market."

“We are delighted to be appointed to develop this important metric and look forward to working with The Readership Works team.”

Ipsos MediaCT global Chief Marketing Officer and international readership expert Andrew Green said: “The Australian market has a proven track record in media research innovation. This is an exciting opportunity to build a new metric from the ground up, using proven methodologies showing how people consume media now but also with the ability to adapt as media consumption habits change.”

The Newspaper Works has taken a collaborative approach to commissioning a new readership metric with all industry stakeholders including the Media Federation of Australia, which sits on The Readership Works’ technical committee, and an ongoing consultative process with the Australian Association of National Advertisers and The Communications Council.

The MFA has welcomed the announcement and Chairman Henry Tajer said: “The MFA is delighted that a new readership measurement metric is coming to fruition. I would like to congratulate The Readership Works on taking the lead in developing an audience metric for the future. It is a bold and exciting move. I am confident that media agencies will support this new audience measurement system.”

The Newspaper Works called a tender for the readership measurement contact in June 2009, following a wide-ranging and comprehensive review of the readership measurement system, whereby The Newspaper Works examined best practice readership measurement systems internationally and consulted with major newspaper publishers and advertising industry groups.

In the coming months, Ipsos and The Readership Works will start consulting with media agencies, advertisers and publishers on the new metric before undertaking a series of roadshows around Australia early in 2011.

The first stage of developing the metric starts immediately with a series of pilot studies in the fourth quarter of this year. It is anticipated that the full set of new data will be available for review towards the end of 2011.

“This is a significant milestone for newspapers but we should all be conscious that the hard work is still in front of us,” Hale said.


Earlier this year, The Newspaper Works established a new company, The Readership Works, to oversee the readership tender and the ongoing provision of the new readership metric. The Readership Works is a wholly owned subsidiary of The Newspaper Works.


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