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Strong readership performances in latest Roy Morgan survey - December 2010

Roy Morgan’s December 2010 survey data highlights APN Australian Regional Media’s (APN ARM) position as a leading publisher of daily and non-daily newspapers, in an increasingly competitive market. Across lucrative regional areas within Queensland and Northern New South Wales, the survey reveals that nine of the 10 fastest-growing year-on-year performances were delivered by APN ARM’s long-standing newspaper brands.

For a snapshot of key performances and a complete list of readership figures for APN ARM's 14 daily newspapers, please download the December 2010 Readership Snapshot (PDF) (308 Kb) [PDF, 308KB].

Contact your media sales manager or nearest office for further information.


Source: Morgan December 2010; APN total distribution area; Comparisons vs. December 2009 data


Readership snapshot