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The Readership Works announces Fairfax Media will join new readership metric

The Readership Works today announced that Fairfax Media will join the company that was created to develop a new print readership measurement metric.

The Readership Works, started by News Ltd, West Australian Newspapers and APN News & Media, was established to develop a world-class readership measurement metric.

The Chairman of The Readership Works, Tony Hale, said he was delighted at Fairfax Media's decision.

"I always remained hopeful that Fairfax would reconsider and join The Readership Works and I'm obviously extremely pleased that this decision has been made."

"A new metric that provides sophisticated audience data in a more complex and dynamic consumer and media landscape is a critical initiative for newspapers and key stakeholders including advertisers and their agencies," Hale said.

 "We want to ensure that advertisers and media buyers are equipped with the best available measurement system so that we can continue to provide accurate and relevant insights into the strength and power of newspapers."

Fairfax Media CEO Greg Hywood, who is also Chairman of The Newspaper Works, said Fairfax's decision to be part of the process of creating a new readership metric was made after careful consideration.

"As a company, we have closely listened to the call from the advertising industry to provide a readership currency that delivers on their increasing need for deeper measurement of the medium, and we have reached the conclusion that it is in the best interests of Fairfax Media to join the process," Hywood said.

"With initiatives as important as this, I believe the newspaper industry needs to work together as we face rapid change in technology and consumer behaviour. This is an exciting opportunity for Fairfax to contribute to the development of a new readership metric."

The Media Federation of Australia has welcomed the announcement and Chairman Henry Tajer said: "This is great news and the MFA gives full credit to Fairfax and the rest of the newspaper industry for recognising that readership measurement is a challenging and complex issue which needs a whole-of-industry approach."

 "I am confident that media agencies will fully support the new readership measurement system."

Newspaper industry body The Newspaper Works called a tender for readership measurement in 2009, and Ipsos MediaCT was named last year as the research company that would be responsible for developing the new metric. A wholly-owned subsidiary of The Newspaper Works, The Readership Works, was formed in 2010 to oversee the process.

The new readership metric will apply a range of innovative measurement approaches/techniques allowing for more efficient collection of data with the ability to explore measurement of newspapers and magazines across multiple platforms including print, online and mobile content technologies.


For more information, please contact:

Tony Hale

The Newspaper Works

02 9692 6300


Rochelle Burbury

Access Public Relations

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About The Readership Works

The Readership Works is a wholly-owned subsidiary of The Newspaper Works established for the sole purpose of conducting and completing all aspects of the print readership tender including the determination of the successful tendering organisation and the ongoing provision of the print readership metric. The board members of The Readership Works are John Hartigan (News Ltd - CEO), Chris Wharton (West Australian Newspapers - CEO), Brett Chenoweth (APN News & Media - CEO), Stephen Hollings (News Ltd - strategic development director advertising), Rob Billington (West Australian Newspapers - general manager marketing and circulation), Henry Tajer (chairman of the Media Federation of Australia) and Tony Hale.


The Readership Works

The Readership Works