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Announcing the NEW Better Business Essentials website

APN Australian Regional Media are pleased to share an exciting new website that was recently developed specifically for our small to medium advertisers.

The website, called Better Business Essentials, is an extension of our in-paper Better Business section and is certain to become a valued source of information for our customers. The website is a resource hub that will educate our customers across sales and marketing, IT and technology, finance and money matters, to name just a few.

The website is jam-packed full of facts essential to business success and extends our position as a partner and trusted adviser.

Group Marketing Manager Duncan Matthews expects the new website will become a favoured site for our customers, “Given the easy-to-understand content, the practical tips for business owners and articles relevant to customers in our regional markets, we’re sure this is the information our customers have been asking for.

The site will evolve over the coming months too, as we’re planning to incorporate videos, provide links to local business events, while we will also be launching our own presence on social media, including Twitter and Facebook,” he said.

The site will be supported by free regular emails to ensure businesses stay up to date with the latest business tips and news.

So stay on top of your game and ahead of your competitors and connect with the Better Business Essentials website today at