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  • March 2010 readership snapshot

    Roy Morgan March 2010: leading performances for APN

    2010-08-04Roy Morgan’s March 2010 readership survey highlights APN Australian Publishing’s proven strength across lucrative regional markets in Queensland and Northern New South Wales.These readership results reveal that APN newspapers account for six…
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  • Style - new look magazine

    Style Magazines - now better than ever!

    2010-07-06Widely acknowledged as one of Queensland's most successful monthly lifestyle magazines, Style continues to innovate and reinvent itself to achieve cut-through and relevance in an increasingly competitive marketplace. As of its July 2010 issue, Style…
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  • Circulation snapshot March 2010

    ABC March 2010 audit: strong performance for APN

    2010-05-14The Audit Bureau of Circulations’ latest audit reveals that Australian newspaper sales eased in the January to March 2010 quarter; however sales remain resilient overall and continue to outperform overseas markets. Australia’s prosperous…
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  • APN readership snapshot Dec 09

    Roy Morgan December 2009 release: strong performances for APN

    2010-03-29The latest Roy Morgan readership survey reports positive performances for APN Australian Publishing’s regional newspapers – some impressive year-on-year increases for registered for APN's daily and non-daily titles. For more information,…
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  • TMB 7-day trading front cover

    7-Day Trading Boost For Booming Central Queensland

    2010-02-16As the services capital of the thriving Central Queensland region, Rockhampton has further secured its leadership position by adopting seven-day trading, from late January, 2010. The majority of Rockhampton’s 1,600-plus retail stores now offer…
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  • Newspapers Today Part 2

    Newspapers even stronger and more relevant in the digital age

    2010-02-15The Newspaper Works’ landmark audience report, Newspapers Today Part 2, explores the relationship Australians have with newspapers and their websites, editorial and advertising content, and how they compare with other media. This new report has…
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  • Circulation release Dec 09

    ABC December 2009 data reveals resilient newspaper sales

    2010-02-12Circulation data from the ABC's latest audit reveals that the Australian newspaper market has weathered a small decline in the December 2009 quarter – but sales remain strong overall, and regional newspapers are no exception.Between the…
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  • Northern Rivers

    The Northern Rivers Region - Dynamic Economic Powerhouse

    2010-01-11As one of the fastest-growing regions in Australia, the Northern Rivers region boasts a combination of dynamic manufacturing and horticultural industries, plus a wide range of attractive lifestyle opportunities in rural, urban, forested and coastal…
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  • Readership release Sep 09

    Roy Morgan September 2009 readership data released

    2009-12-16Roy Morgan’s September 2009 readership survey highlights APN Australian Publishing’s strength across some of the nation’s fastest-growing regional boomtowns.As the leading source of localised news, entertainment and consumer…
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  • ABC Sep 09 release

    ABC September 2009 audit reports strong performance for APN

    2009-11-16Between the July to September 2008 and 2009 quarters, APN Australian Publishing successfully maintained market share within the nation’s regional daily newspaper market, while delivering seven of the 10 top Monday to Saturday performances for…
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