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Digital Universe - Roy Morgan Research

Roy Morgan Research has been tracking digital media, for more than ten years, and has recently released a report which provides facts about the way the digital universe is affecting Australians’ behaviour – and explodes numerous myths that have been gaining currency.

Key findings

  • 12.5 million Australians use Facebook, and 2.9 million Australians use Google+.
  • 46% of Australians own a smartphone – 8.6 million.
  • 25% of Australian smartphone owners have used their mobile for Social Networking. Only 11% of Australians have Tweeted.
  • 7.3 million Australians visited Ebay in the 12 months to June compared to 5.2 million Australians who shopped at Westfield Shopping Centres nationally.
  • 22% of Australians use their Credit Card online compared to 18% of Australians using Online Payment (Eg. Paypal).
  • Sydney Morning Herald – Biggest Audience of any Newspaper: 3.3 million Net Readership (up 1.0 million since 2002); Herald-Sun: 3.04 million (up 0.59 million); Daily Telegraph: 2.64 million (up 0.08 million); The Age: 2.4 million (up 0.97 million).
  • The Australian: 1.8 million (up 0.5 million).
  • 5% of Australians now access the Internet on their TV, 19% would like to.

Read the full report.

Source: Morgan March 2012; The Digital Universe; National