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No news like good news for print media in regional Australia

Ink on your fingers and the daily news with breakfast will be a part of life in regional Australia for many years to come – and that’s the good news we’re getting straight from our readers. New figures released this week by Enhanced Media Metrics Australia (emma) show print media, especially in a regional setting, is alive and well, thriving and looking to a bright future.

In the past week, 79% of regional Australian residents read a newspaper.

For APN Australian Regional Media, 77% of people living within the company’s footprint have picked up a paper in the past week.

But that isn’t the only good news. Encouragingly, almost three-quarters of APN ARM readers believe local newspapers will continue to be important in the future.

APN ARM reaches 1.3 million people across its network every week – that’s a compelling number of unique local people picking up a paper and going online, getting their news and reading our advertisers’ messages^.

APN-ARM chief executive Neil Monaghan said that number alone spelt good news for regional newspapers, their audiences and clients. “It demonstrates that strong local content, produced by local teams, continues to attract a strong audience,” he said.

The new audience and readership metrics represent a new dawn for newspaper consumption analysis, and for companies such as APN ARM it is a truer indication of total product audience across all platforms.

APN ARM Insights Manager Meagan Quinlivan said the emma metric was designed to quickly adapt to the industry’s fast pace of change and transition. “It is a completely new way of measuring newspaper readership and audience. The encouraging news for newspapers and magazines – certainly for APN ARM – is that we will have the ability to measure consumption across print and online platforms.”


  • 77% of residents have read a newspaper in the past week;
  • APN ARM reaches more than 1.3 million unique local audience members each week^;
  • 72% of readers agree local newspapers are their main source of information about what is going on in their local areas;
  • 74% of readers believe local newspapers will be important in the future;
  • 67% of readers would miss their local newspaper if it wasn’t available;
  • 81% of readers agree they try to shop locally; and 80% prefer to use local trades and services

SOURCE: emma™ conducted by Ipsos MediaCT, People 14+ for the 12 months ending December 2013 ^APN ARM monthly aggregate audience figure, as developed with Nielsen November 2012. For more information, please go to