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Online community connections stronger than ever!

APN Australian Regional Media continues to invest heavily in digital platforms and products including a recent design refresh of our daily sites, and the rollout of our new digital subscriptions across all regional dailies. This heavy investment has seen strong audience growth across mobile and video in particular.

Mobile audience is up 48% YOY, reaching over 1.8 unique visitors, and video views have increased 141% YOY^. With strong loyalty to these brands, our regional audience is unique to our news network – in fact 90% don’t visit the other state or national based news brands*.

Our mobile offering brings the full depth of local coverage, which we have developed for over 100 years, to the fingertips of our readers wherever they are. Our desktop experience is immediate, deep and rich and, with reporters in the field using the latest recording and editing technology, our video reports give instant dynamism and depth to our coverage.

We know all readers are different and look to us for different content. Our heavy readers are looking for in-depth local content which matters to them; we also understand the snacking behaviours of our lighter readers. So each site has been revitalised and refocused around the key pillars of Local News, Community, and Events.

In an Australian first, we rolled out our new digital subscriptions product across all regional dailies in October, following a successful launch at the Toowoomba Chronicle.

Digital subs

APN Australian Regional Media offers a range of advertising solutions aimed at connecting your brand with an engaged local audiences ranging from content marketing solutions to rich media ad units.

Our high-impact products continue to evolve and improve – we now offer advertisers the expandable video wall, 3D cube, interactive takeover and an expandable mobile adhesion banner.

New digital ad products

Source: Omniture July 2015 vs 2014 ^Brightcove July 2015 vs 2014 *Nielsen Market Intelligence July 2015; average exclusivity