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Segmentation study results

APN ARM commissioned Nielsen Research to undertake a major segmentation study late 2012. The intention of this study was to uncover insights into how our audience is evolving in these technological times and how they now engage with our evolving masthead brands.

This in-depth segmentation study showed that our regional audience engage with multiple types of media on a daily basis, utilising both traditional and digital media to access a variety of content that appeals to them. This is reflected by the fact that 71% of those surveyed have read an APN ARM regional newspaper and that 55% of this audience have also visited the website.

Although technological devices are highly valued in our regions, traditional media is still highly relevant and seen as the preferred source of content. As expected, community and regional newspapers scored competitively as a channel mass media used to access content, and rated higher than magazines, subscription television, national and state newspapers as well as online blogs. This shows that newspapers are a valued part of regional communities and that APN ARM regional and community titles are actually valued more highly than state or national papers.

For further information on the results of this segmentation study to and see how these insights can be used to greater connect with the APN ARM audience, please contact your media sales manager today.

Source: Nielsen December 2012; APN ARM Segmentation Study