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Laidley Plainland Leader

Launched in March 2011, the Laidley Plainland Leader is a new free newspaper dedicated to developing micro-communities within Queensland’s Lockyer Valley. Combining a relaxed country lifestyle with proximity to major city centres, the Laidley and Plainland region has attracted a population growth of 12% in the last four years. Now home to more than 19,200 people, the area is increasingly at the centre of business and residential activity within the Valley region. The Laidley Plainland Leader has been developed to represent and support these high-growth communities – the progressive newspaper delivers the region’s latest news, views and events to residents’ front doors each month.  

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To contact the Laidley Plainland Leader directly, call 07 5462 2266.

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Circulation Map

Distribution map for the Laidley Plainland Leader

Circulation Towns / Postcodes

Blenheim 4341
Laidley North 4341
Brightview 4311
Laidley South 4341
Crowley Vale 4342
Lockrose 4342
Forest Hill 4342
Lynford 4342
Glen Cairn 4342
Mount Berryman 4341
Glenore Grove 4342
Mulgowie 4341
Grandchester 4340
Plainland 4341
Hatton Vale 4341
Prenzlau 4311
Kensington Grove 4341
Regency Downs 4341
Kentville 4341
Summerholm 4341
Laidley 4341
Thornton 4341
Laidley Creek West 4341
Townson 4341
Laidley Heights 4341
# Publisher's Claim
ABS 2013; Lockyer Valley East (SA2)
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  • Friday (Monthly)
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  • Free
  • 7,045#


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