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Print Specifications

Image and Advertising sizes

Tabloid Format
Image size:
Single Page: 263mm x 380mm (no bleed available)
Double Page Spread: 550 x 380mm (includes gutter bleed)

Display Advertising

Column Depth:380mm
Image area of full page: 263mm x 380mm

Classified Advertising

Column Width: 31mm
Columns per Classified Page: 8

ROP Column Widths

Modular sizing applies - see link below

Classified Column Widths

1 columns 31mm
2 columns 64mm
3 columns 97mm
4 columns 130mm
5 columns 163mm
6 columns 196mm
7 columns 229mm
8 columns 262mm

Advertising terms & conditions are available here

Download our modular advertising guide here (PDF) (929 Kb)

Download our insert specifications here (PDF) (201 Kb)

It is recommended that agencies check with their APN ARM Media Sales Manager when each advertisement is booked, to ensure correct sized advertisement will be supplied. There are other varying measurements for publications – dependent on their final print size.

Digital Media Guide

Download our Digital media Guide (PDF) (7 Mb)

Acceptable File Formats

APN Newspapers will only accept high resolution PDF format. Standard Adobe PDF 5 Files (Version 1.3) must be created using Acrobat Distiller.

When generating PDFs please ensure the following:

1. PDF is named to the APN booking number
2. All fonts have been embedded
3. All colours have been converted to CMYK (no spots)
4. All graphics have been linked
5. Size of the final PDF matches the booked size
6. Unless specified, do not include bleed or crop marks

PDF files exported directly from InDesign or other applications cannot be guaranteed to print correctly.

Distiller Job Options are available on request.


Typography and Style

It is recommended that type not be set smaller than 7pt or 8pt for reverse type. Please avoid the use of fine typeface at small point sizes. When used in reverse situations these will easily fill in during printing.

It is suggested that large solid black areas be screened back to no more than 95%. Avoid the use of large or complex blends as this can increase RIP times.

APN Newspapers reserves the right to alter advertisements that resemble APN Newspapers' editorial style. Please insert the word ADVERTISEMENT in 8-10pt at the top and place the ad inside a BOUNDING BOX. Any Copyright will be the responsibility of the advertiser and is not the responsibility of APN Newspapers.



For newsprint APN Newspapers recommends Grey Component Replacement separation technique (GCR). For gloss printing we recommend Under Colour Removal (UCR).


Ink Weights

Total Ink Coverage should be set at 230% for newsprint and 290% for gloss.


Dot Gain

The press will gain approximately 25% on newsprint and 15% on gloss stock. Try to keep mid-tones open; this will compensate for dot gain.


Unsharp Masks

Unsharp masking can be increased to higher levels than usual; this will alleviate the softening effect often experienced on newsprint.



Please avoid the use of extremely complex paths, and limit the number of anchor points in any single path to 10,000. These extremely complex paths are often caused by outlining "grunge" typefaces, and cause problems at the RIP.



It is the responsibility of advertisers to ensure all fonts used are properly licensed. All fonts must be embedded within a high resolution PDF document. If fonts are not submitted correctly, APN Newspapers reserves the right to replace these fonts with similar fonts from out type range.



Image Resolution

Newsprint images should be scanned at 150dpi at actual size. Images for gloss publications should be scanned at 300dpi at actual size.

Scanned line art and type elements require a higher resolution. These should be scanned at the intended output size with a minimum resolution of 600dpi; 1200dpi is recommended.


Delivery of Material

APN Newspapers accepts the following methods of delivery for our entire suite of publications:

1. Quickcut –
2.  Websend –
3.  Email directly to –

Please note that if you choose to email your files, it is expected that they will conform to the standards mentioned above and will be prepared correctly for CMYK web offset printing.

The relevent APN booking number must also be supplied with each file.

If you wish to replace artwork that has already been dispatched, please contact your advertising representative by phone immediately to check whether this is possible.


APN Newspapers endeavours to ensure output standards are adhered to, however APN Newspapers does not take responsibility for advertising that is incorrectly supplied.



We have readership across booming Australian regions - from Mackay in North Queensland to Clarence Valley in Northern New South Wales.

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